The Gaga data grinder: Questions to ponder for Marketeers #2

The way that music lovers listen and purchase music has been revolutionised over the past decade. Nowadays, CDs are not the only litmus test for calculating sales and popularity. The advent of social media and online music stores such as iTunes, Amazon and Google Music has irreversibly changed the musical landscape. So how can an emerging or independent music artist be discovered or establish a fanbase in this internet era? The question posed is:

Can social data be a useful tool for music artists?

A good example of this of social data being used for marketing purposes is Lady Gaga, who is one of the most effective users of social media and has a very large and engaged following, uses social data derived from Spotify to personalise gigs and understand her fan’s preferences for her music. Could this be a useful tool for emerging artists to use as part of their own marketing? Whilst the returns for music seem to be smaller due to high levels of piracy, emerging and aspiring artists are seeking innovative and different ways of getting their music out to the masses. Sites such as Musicmetric and Kickstarter are platforms which provide control for artists over their projects, in terms of funding, marketing, promotions and sales, and connects them to brands as well for extra exposure. In terms of data, the analytical tools such web services provide for artists are useful insights into their fans, and also a comparative understanding of how benchmark industry data can be used as a means for effective marketing and promotions campaigns.

Musicmetric webage

Musicmetric – the future for independent and aspiring music artists?

So is social data the way forward? Lady Gaga could be providing the questions….

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