Tap and Swipe: Mobile Payments

As the competition heats up in the smartphone and tablet markets respectively, marketers are seeking new opportunities for their marketing activities. The potential that lies within mobile marketing is definitely something to ponder, especially with regard to the increasing capabilities of such devices.

Mobile Payments

Google Wallet

NFC Technology is becoming a standard feature within mobile devices, with some of the latest smartphones on the market having the technology. One area that is actively using the technology is payment transactions. Mobile apps such as Google Wallet are providing users a new method of making payments through contactless technology, reducing the need for carrying cards and cash. Marketers may be able to take advantage of such developments and use NFC for marketing activities that extend beyond payments.

Other competing payment solutions include Square, iZettle and the well-established PayPal providing other methods of mobile transactions with their add-on devices to make payments easier on the move with retailers, restaurants and coffee shops using these solutions, providing users with special offers, discounts and promotions. Small businesses may benefit from mobile payments if they can adopt the technology, providing their customers new methods of payments, generating loyalty through mobile marketing methods.

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3 thoughts on “Tap and Swipe: Mobile Payments

  1. Ash Francis

    For some reason Google Wallet isn’t fully available in the UK yet, not sure why, but I’m dying to use it. Same with Square, however the SEO company I work for uses iZettle to take deposits and quick payments.

    With the nature of my freelance work, I’ll be using iZettle too in the near future, and unlike most card machines, web companies can be approved for it (more often than not, they get rejected).

    I think it’s definitely the future as it will eliminate the need for physical cash if everyone has the ability to transfer digital funds in the palm of their hands.

    1. Chux Post author

      Thanks for the reply Ash. I definitely agree with the use of these payment methods for the future. This could be a potential means of survival for SMEs, as they are highly dependent on cash flow. If they can adopt these methods, then it will enable them to invest in their businesses more rapidly and improve areas such as customer service, product development and staff recruitment.

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