Yahoo’s Tumblr Dryer – What Next?

Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr for $1.1bn is another move by Marisa Mayer to bring the internet giant back to its former competitive edge in a modern way. Having purchased Summly, a news summarization app for $30m in March, these are exciting times for Yahoo. What ways can they maximise the potential benefits from these purchases?

Tumblr is a very popular blogging platform, with over 109 million active blogs and over 50 million blog posts (as seen today). Its popularity stems from the simplicity it offers users in creating and sharing content through Tumblr’s simple design and social networking capabilities. Such user figures provides Yahoo the opportunity to monetize the platform, however there has already been some backlash against this move, with some users migrating their blogs to rival platform WordPress. Mayer has promised not to “screw up” Tumblr, which is a stark reminder to Yahoo’s fateful journey with Geocities.

Additionally, Tumblr has a strong mobile presence which Yahoo is aiming to improve with notable updates to its Y! Mail and Flickr mobile apps. Flickr could be a key platform, especially with its photo capabilities which complements with the ease of sharing content via the blogging site.

Tumblr’s reach, coupled with Yahoo’s financial clout and relative internet business expertise could see this deal being very beneficial to both parties. What would be important for Yahoo is to ensure that the Tumblr experience is not compromised in preference for the pursuit of monetization.

What are your views on this deal? Please comment and tweet me @ChuxOnye


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