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Naked Loyalty: My Nudie Jeans Brand Experience

The path to loyalty between a customer and brand is one that can either be a short walk up the road until you see the bus to reach another destination, or one which you continue walking together, getting stronger along the way and understanding more about each other and what they stand for.

My first experience with Nudie Jeans was in December 2007, when I purchased a pair of their jeans. The fit, styling and look were so good. So much so that I wore them until they wore out. I never forgot how good the jeans were, and held that experience ever since then.

Fast forward to December 2011 (4 years later, in which a World Cup and European Championship happened between that time and Spain finally came of age), and I needed to buy some jeans. In that period I went through numerous brands of jeans, from 55DSL to ASOS, which were alright but never quite met the standard set by Nudie. So I decided to purchase another pair of Nudies which have served me well up to this point.

Now what happened next was pretty much the same thing that condemned my first pair of Nudies to denim heaven – the wear and tear factor started. It was only by a chance trip to Oxford Circus that I came across a Nudie store, but this was not just another retail outlet. It was only when I looked through the doorway that I saw a lady sat down at a sewing machine working away, keeping her eye focused like a surgeon doing delicate work on their patient. I walked into the operating theatreĀ  shop and conversed,

Me: ‘Do you do repairs to jeans here?’

Surgeon Lady: ‘Yes we do, but for Nudie jeans only’

Me: ‘Really? How much do you charge for repairs?’

Lady: ‘They’re free of charge’

Me (stroking chin and nodding head appreciatively): ‘Really?’

Lady: ‘Yes. Just pop in with your jeans and we can repair them for you.’

Upon this discovery, I realised that I can not only restore my jeans back to their former glory, but also feel confident in the knowledge that purchasing a future pair of jeans from here is ‘guaranteed’ from damage caused by wear and tear. It felt like the warranty that you get when purchasing expensive electronics or a brand new car, but for denim? This is a whole new concept. So today, I brought in my damaged denim, left my contact details with the shop assistant and now await my newly restored jeans.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘Is this some sort of advertorial or some sort of sales pitch?’


This is me expressing how a little thoughtfulness and understanding from a brand and the way that they deliver their after sales service can go a long way in developing loyalty and create stories from the whole experience. From Nudie creating quality denim to offering a repairs and adjustment service to add value to my purchase, they have gained a lifelong customer who will spread the word about the Nudie experience without being paid to do so.

Nudie Repair

My repair note.

If you own a pair of Nudie jeans that need repairing, or want to purchase a pair, pop down to their repair store.

This is a journey where the walk doesn’t seem so tiring because of the understanding we have built up along the way.

UPDATE: 3rd July

I got my jeans back and they are repaired. Thanks Nudie. šŸ™‚


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